Muddy Rainstones are the best to Find

Hello. My friends call me Webs, and I'm normally reserved and quiet, but I'm pretty friendly. This is mainly just for reblogging stuff I like--you'll see a lot of Fantasy or Video Game stuff (mainly KH, Pokemon, Disney or all sorts of stuff), and some funny stuff in the middle. I also use this to talk to others. Just to note--I don't really ever post or reblog anything controversial or speak any personal opinions often --I do not like arguments period and I avoid conflict as much as possible (as I hate it), so you'll mainly see positive, funny, thoughtful, or heartwarming stuff, or just stuff to use for reference, or just things I found neat/nice. if I do post anything on my opinions on something, it'll be tagged as personal.

I like to draw, and I like to write, mainly for funsies, and I don't mind RP, but I feel more comfortable RPing with people I know/friends. Most of my art/writing is found on dA, though, not on Tumblr.

I'll probably post random thoughts/ideas and just interesting stories too, when I feel the share it. Most of it will probably be In-joke stuff between me and my friends, so I apologize in advance if you get confused by something.

Aluna and the SilverIce is a PMD-themed RP/ask blog, if you were curious.


Nice meeting you all in advance. :)
Muddy Rainstones are the best to Find